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Pedicab – “On the Go” and On your Bike Recycling

More Bins Pedicab is a converted rickshaw that
has been refurbished into a mobile recycling station.

Ideal for small gatherings, corporate events and for being cycled round the streets at carnivals and
community events.

Great for promoting recycling and getting spectators involved in a fun and interactive experience.

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Record Recycling

By More Bins

Four Material Collection Point for Cans, Glass, Landfill and Plastic Bottles

Above is an example of our space saving people engaging bag holder system which can hang off a fence or sit on a stand.

Great for recycling indoors and inside Catering tents


Colour coded with images

Clear bags are used to reduce contamination

A collection of records with a range of materials this contained method of separation can be used for anything that fits into a bag

Single material or combinations, Purchase or Hire

Up-cycled Workshops for Young & Creative Adults

More Bins are running eco-workshops teaching individuals how to make Bags, Wallets, Coasters and Place Mats out of recovered waste materials collected from the event industry.

Threading handles

How it works

Last summer More Bins collected and recovered over 400 broken camping chairs and a dozen abandoned tents from the events we worked with.

We stripped the seat cover and arms of the chairs, recycled the metal and cleaned the recovered material. This provided us with good quality colourful material to up-cycle into reusable personalised waterproof bags and wallets.

The tents were also stripped of their fittings and cut into manageable pieces to use as a liner for the new bags and wallets.

Our reuse team has now created a range of products and templates to support a creative workshop environment available to 8 years and over age group.

We will provide support staff, materials and equipment for a workshop which could accommodate up to a dozen hand cranked sewing machines. Along with this we can supply a variety of looms for weaving rugs, coasters and place mats from surplus material collected from the event industry. All this can be achieved without the need for electric hook up and allowing us to locate anywhere on site.

The workshop would also encourage event visitors to bring their broken chairs to us so that they can be stripped down and turned into a new product.

Finished bag example made from the camping chair arms and surplus rope from the net industry in Bridport!

Resource Management and More

More Bins have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about reducing waste to landfill, up-cycling and recycling waste resources generated by an event.

In addition to providing creative workshops the More Bins team can also provide your event with a post event clean up team, who will clear the site of any materials which may have a re-useable value and can be up-cycled.

We could also partner up with a local charity for taking on the surplus camping equipment left behind or even organise a post event workshop for clearing and stripping down chairs and tents.

More Bins are fully insured, CRB checked and comply with Regulations 12 of the waste Regulations 2012 act which requires all businesses to prove they have looked at all reuse options before disposal of the waste generated from the business activity.

What are we recovering

More Bins can help your event separate, collect and recover the following materials typically generated by an outdoor camping music event.

Camp Chairs, Tents, Bedding and Textiles, Chair and Tent Covers, Coolers and Ice Boxes, Camping Equipment, Unopened food, Water Containers and Wellington Boots.

We would like to thank the following companies for the material resources supplied to support our up-cycled solutions, products and workshops.

Cargo Records, ID&C, Amsafe, Woking Borough Council, NISP, Livingstone Textiles & Fudges Bakery.

Don’t waste a thing and...

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Mobile Recycling Station (Left to Right: Cans, Card & Food Waste, Glass, Plastic Bottles)