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Hire Terms And Conditions

1. DEFINITIONS. In the following document the Company is More-Bins, a subsidiary of Surreywap Ltd. The Hirer is the person or organisation hiring the equipment from the Company. The Period of Hire is understood to mean the period of which any equipment is required to be ready, available and on site for use. The Contract means the written or verbal agreement between the Company and the Hirer for services and equipment hire.

2. CONDITIONS. The Company will submit a written quotation which the Hirer shall accept in writing: the absence of such written quotation or acceptance however shall not invalidate the Contract; the Hirer by authorising or allowing work to proceed or goods to be delivered is deemed to have confirmed the contract and to have accepted these terms and conditions. All the services and equipment hire quoted for and undertaken by the Company shall be subject to these terms and conditions.

3. SITE. The Company's quotation for equipment hire and service charges are based on the below assumptions on the site conditions the Hirer provides the Company with for delivery and management.
(a) The Equipment Hire and Labour charges are based on the assumption that the site is on level firm ground with easy access for motor transport to set-up equipment across the site. The Hire charges do not include any specialist vehicle hire or any making good or repairing of damage to the site. The Labour Charges assume full site access for the Company's staff throughout the Period of Hire and do not include any additional labour undertaken by the Company outside of the Contract including extra labour due to absence of volunteers or unreasonable site conditions.
(b) Transport & Disposal charges are based on the assumption that access is available to the equipment supplied and that site access is made to vehicles used for equipment management and waste stream collection and disposal throughout the Period of Hire and the sites proximity to waste disposal facilities.
(c) Welfare charges are based on the assumption that the Hirer provides secure camping, food and hot showers for the Company's staff on-site for the Period of Hire. In the absence of this, staff welfare charges of £25 a day for on-site food and beverage expenses will be raised and further charges for necessary off-site accommodation and amenities will be incurred to the Hirer also.
(d) The Hirer is required to provide the Company with a plan showing the location for the equipment to be positioned or a representative on the site for this purpose. In the absence of both then the Company will erect equipment where it believes fit and shall be deemed to have completed the Contract. If contracted to manage the site the Company will position equipment to where it is most needed and best suited.
(e) The Hirer is required to provide lighting for the equipment supplied by the Company for public use in accordance with health and safety.
(f) Exclusion of the Company's Liability for damage to site and services. Whether the said site complies with the foregoing requirements or not the Company shall not be under any liability whatsoever to make good damage to the site or services unless precisely advised in writing of specific hazards.
(g) The Quotation supplied is based on budgets covering operational and disposal costs and hours worked. These are calculated prior to the event and are based around previous jobs and experience. Should these budgets exceed that which is agreed, the additional expenses will be met by the Event Organisers. Where the Event Company or Organisers has agreed to provide volunteers to support the waste recycling operations and litter picking; in the absence of agreed numbers of volunteers and the need to cover their shift, a charge of 25 per 4 hour shift per person will be raised to cover the cost of replacing and covering absent staff.

4. VARIATIONS TO HIRE CHARGES. The Company reserves the right to vary the quoted hire charges in the event of any increase taking place before or during the period of hire in the cost of labour, materials, disposal and transport. The Company will endeavour to inform the Hirer of any changes as soon as possible.

5. HIRE CHARGES. All goods hired and charged whether used or not. The hire charges published in any of the Company's printed matter are for guidance of Hirers in estimating costs only and do not constitute an offer.

6. VARIATIONS. The Company will use its best endeavors to supply the Hirer with the equipment ordered but where this is not possible the company will notify the Hirer as soon as possible with any alterations to the specifications of the equipment and its reflected change in Hire charge.

7. PAYMENT. Payments must be made prior to the delivery of equipment. A non-refundable 50% deposit will secure the booking, a further 25% of the balance is required to be paid seven days before the event to ensure delivery and the outstanding 25% to be paid on completion of the hire and services specified in the Contract. Additional charges to cover unforeseen expenses incurred by the Company due to the Hirer not fulfilling the Terms and Conditions will be reflected in a written Final Invoice.

8. LOSS AND DAMAGE. The Company provides its Equipment and Property under the following terms:
(a) During the Period of Hire the Hirer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Company's equipment and any Contractors' equipment from delivery until collection from site.
(b) The Hirer must be satisfied with the equipment before use and should notify the Company of any miscounts, incorrect deliveries or unacceptable equipment before use.
(c) The Hirer shall not permit transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the Period of Hire without the prior written consent of the Company.
(d) The Hirer shall not take, or permit to be taken, the equipment out of the United Kingdom nor use or assign equipment for any abnormal or hazardous activity without the prior written consent of the Company.
(e) The Hirer shall notify the Company of any loss-of or damage to equipment in its custody within 48 hours of such loss or damage being sustained.
(f) The Hirer shall not carry out or attempt to carry out any repairs to damaged equipment without the prior written authority of the Company. The Hirer shall pay to the Company all costs incurred by initial damage and/or unauthorised repairs to damaged equipment.
(g) The Hirer shall pay the Company the full cost of replacing any lost equipment or any damaged equipment which in the reasonable opinion of the Company is uneconomic to repair. Further costs incurred by the Company due to reduced equipment stock shall be covered by the Hirer in payment equivalent to charges made by the Company for the hire of such equipment.

9. INSURANCE. The insurance provided by the Company includes Public Liability and Employers Liability Cover.

10. LIABILITY TO THIRD-PARTIES. The Company will not be responsible for and the Hirer will indemnify the Company against all claims for injury to persons and loss-of or damage to property unless it be proved that such injury or damage was caused by faulty material, workmanship or negligence on the part of the Company.

11. FORCE MAJEURE. While every effort will be made by the Company to carry out any order accepted, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by the Company consequent upon; an act of God; War; Strikes; Riots; Lock-outs or other labour disturbances; Fire; Flood; restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power; Requisitioning; shortage of material, transport or labour; or any other cause beyond the control of the Company.