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Waste Analysis and Auditing

More-bins can provide waste consultancy services, sustainable solutions, strategic waste planning, waste policy and communication documents.

Waste analysis is the separation of waste materials into different waste streams, the measurement of these materials and a report on the findings. A waste analysis report will provide figures on each waste stream and what percentage of the total waste generated they represent. This gives a base figure for the total waste generated and how much is recycled by weight.

A waste audit sorts and separates mixed waste in to different waste streams, identifies recycling opportunities and quantifies the results. This also provides the information required for future planning and efficiency of waste operation.

Waste analysis and auditing can also identify areas of waste reduction, re-use and recycling, which helps improve participation levels and save money.

Life-cycle waste analysis can be measured through a waste audit trail; charting a waste item's creation to its final disposal. Life-cycle analysis is a legal obligation for certain waste streams that maybe either toxic, medical or hazardous.

More-bins can provide your organisation with an audit and help you plan and achieve zero-waste status.

Click here for the Tolpuddle Waste Audit Report.

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